At the Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Café Vienna

Visiting the local Hard Rock Cafe has been a fun event on many of our travels – and now a Hard Rock Cafe opened in Vienna!

Of course we had to visit it – it’s such a fun tradition. We left quite stuffed and happy 🙂

King of the Zoo

King of the Zoo

One more photo from our visit to the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna, Austria.

The ice bear habitat – Franz Joseph Land – had just been opened the day before, so one the ice bears was still quite curious about all the humans watching him and taking his photograph.

He must have felt quite relieved when on Monday he saw he had chased them all off 🙂

At the Zoo

At the Zoo

Visiting a zoo is always a mixed experience – it’s so great to see all those animals from close up and enjoy the sights.
But the animals are locked in, and even though the zoo we visited – Schönbrunn at Vienna, Austria – is very beautiful and one of the oldest in Europe, the living space for the animals is not too big.

Still, I loved the visit. The giraffes were up just getting ready to be fed when we arrived!

Afternoon coffee at Schönbrunn

While visiting Vienna, we stopped for coffee at Schönbrunn castle.
Topped with cream, it makes for a wonderful break!