Looking back on December

It’s been a year of changes and challenges. Not too much was left unchanged, and cancelling plans was what we certainly did more of.

December 2020

December was no different there and brought no traditional festivities. Instead, there were lots of cookies, more walks and more connecting over the distance.

We’re all hopeful for the new year and the new hope it brings – and the vaccine. I’m counting down the days!

May it be a good year for all of us, full of good health and good news only.

Looking back on autumn

It’s been a quiet autumn, with lots of staying home and going on walks. We had lots of warm days that allowed for time outside, and there even was coffee and cake.

Autumn 2020

It’s cold outside by now, and winter is here with snow and fog. Christmas is just around the corner, and a different Christmas for sure this time.

I hope this entry finds all of you in good health and spirits – and ready for a new year that will hopefully be a lot easier for all of us!

Pointillist Tree

Pointillist Tree by SpatzMe
Pointillist Tree, a photo by SpatzMe on Flickr.

One more picture from summery Graz – this time the trees.
These trees are at the moment turning Graz yellow with the little flowers they drop – and they look just like out of a painting!
Unfortunately, I don’t know their name – but they are lovely, nevertheless.


Sunday afternoon walk

Sunday afternoon walk by SpatzMe
Sunday afternoon walk, a photo by SpatzMe on Flickr.

A Sunday with weather that couldn’t decide if it should rain or not left us with a short walk in the city.
We had a great lunch in a surprisingly good restaurant and walked down the city mountain to discover pink paths – pink from the blossoms falling down the trees.
Almost magical!