Fredrikstadt ducks

Fredrikstadt ducks by SpatzMe
Fredrikstadt ducks, a photo by SpatzMe on Flickr.

The thing I remember most distinctly about Fredrickstadt were the ducks paddling along the river around the city – a friendly group eyeing visitors with not too much interest 🙂

Green all around

Walking through Geiranger by SpatzMe
Walking through Geiranger, a photo by SpatzMe on Flickr.

Walking around Geiranger, we were amazed how lovely and green everything was – and we enjoyed a few lovely walks and hikes all around the forests.

Spending a few days here after the Hurtigruten trip on our road trip made for a welcome rest!

View from Dalsnibba

View from Dalsnibba by SpatzMe
View from Dalsnibba, a photo by SpatzMe on Flickr.

After travelling with the Hurtigruten, we drove from Trondheim to Oslo – visiting Geiranger and Kvitfjell and getting to see a bit if Norway.

Leaving Geiranger, we got to drive up and visit Dalsnibba – wonderful view!