The Friendly Alien

The friendly alien

“The friendly alien” was the name given to the art exhibition building of Graz, the Kunsthaus, soon after it was opened in 2003. It was one of the main projects for the Cultural Captial year.


Stockholm by SpatzMe
Stockholm, a photo by SpatzMe on Flickr.

Walking to Gamla Stan, we passed so many wonderful buildings – what a pity the weather was not better!
Having taken a guided tour before, we felt confident we’d remember the buildings – built I’m at a loss now 🙂

Oslo mall

Oslo mall by SpatzMe
Oslo mall, a photo by SpatzMe on Flickr.

Sadly, I don’t remember the exact place this photo was taken – it was at Oslo, Norway, but I don’t remember the exact location.
The roof struck me as impressive, though – I loved the light!

Harpa at Reykjavik

Harpa, Reykjavik by SpatzMe
Harpa, Reykjavik, a photo by SpatzMe on Flickr.

One of my favorite memories of Reykjavik is the opening of the Harpa.
We visited it several times and loved the glass front and the colors – what a wonderful idea.

In general, we didn’t expect Reykjavik to be so colorful – but we loved it!