New look!

cropped-cropped-img_1778.jpgStumbling around the wordpress site, I’ve come across the new themes – and wondered what my blog would look like if I left behind the twentyeleven theme and switched to twentyfourteen. That’s a three year jump!
And here we are. It seems it looks quite nice – simpler. Simple is good – or is it?
I hope it’s not too scary – please tell me if it’s too bad!

And just as I posted this, wordpress notified me that this is my 300th post to my blog. Who’d have thought I have that much to say 😉


Followers! So many followers!

English: A bouquet of flowers.
English: A bouquet of flowers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just got a notice informing me I have 100 followers on this little blog.

As WordPress decides to count Tumblr subscribers (6) and twitter followers (35) too, it’s not an even number. Pinterest followers (3) are not counted, it seems.

I am so humbled at the numbers of followers and subscribers – and I’m so very thankful so many great people are reading what I write and take time to cheer, like or heart and comment and answer. I never knew there were so many kind and great people all around!

Life is great, and you all make it so much brighter!

Thank you everybody!