Arriving at Geiranger

Arriving at Geiranger by SpatzMe
Arriving at Geiranger, a photo by SpatzMe on Flickr.

Traveling along the Norwegian coast with the Hurtigruten was a great experience – even though we only stayed for a part of the trip, we hope to take the full trip one day.

Here a quick shot of the arrival at Geiranger – we returned via car later and stayed a few days to enjoy the scenery more.

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Alles wird gut.

8 thoughts on “Arriving at Geiranger”

  1. What an amazing place. I would love to be on that boat with my camera. Thanks for following my EDS blog. I hope it’s helpful. 🙂 It is nice to find a relaxing blog like yours with beautiful photography.


    1. Thank you Stephanie, and welcome! I’m sure you would have loved travelling on that boat – it was a fascinating journey. And welcome to my blog – and thank you for your kind words. I like your blog very much – and I just noticed you got a second one. Off to take a look 🙂


      1. I know I would have loved it. I went sailing for the first time in my mid-twenties. I think I’d been on a canoe with my dad as a teen before that. C: I was so at peace. I’ve been twice since with my in-laws, but it is always down in Biscayne Bay to the lesser keys. One day (sincerely) I will visit places. I made a vow with my husband last year that once a year after our recent move to Portland, we will make it a point to see the world. This includes beautiful spots in the US. For the first time, I saw the Grand Canyon 2 weeks ago. Maybe I will post a picture on my blog. I’m a photography “hobbyist” meaning I know just enough to know I have a lot to learn. Thanks for visiting my other blog. I have a piece I put together today I’m taking a final look at. C:


        1. Oh do post a photograph! I’m also only an amateur snapping photos with my mobile, and I love to see others photos!
          I’ve never been sailing before – your experience does sound encouraging (I’m a bit afraid, probably because I’ve seen too many movies :-))!
          Your plans sound wonderful – would you share your travels and views with us? We’d love to read more about it!
          Best wishes


            1. I’m glad you’ll be sharing your adventures a bit – and I’m looking forward to read all about it 🙂
              Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!


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