New look!

cropped-cropped-img_1778.jpgStumbling around the wordpress site, I’ve come across the new themes – and wondered what my blog would look like if I left behind the twentyeleven theme and switched to twentyfourteen. That’s a three year jump!
And here we are. It seems it looks quite nice – simpler. Simple is good – or is it?
I hope it’s not too scary – please tell me if it’s too bad!

And just as I posted this, wordpress notified me that this is my 300th post to my blog. Who’d have thought I have that much to say 😉

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Alles wird gut.

2 thoughts on “New look!”

  1. Congrats on your 300th post milestone! 😀

    The new year is always a good time for a change. The new theme looks nice. NOT bad at all! As long as we are able to click on the photo and see it a little larger, that’s good. (Today’s image presents as a thumbnail on my screen.) All in all, I like it!



    1. Thank you Lindy! I tried to insert a photo directly into the post but that’s not too great – I’ll stick to my Flickr links in the next days posts.
      Thank you for the feedback – I really appreciate it.
      Best wishes


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