Croke Park Stadium

Croke Park Stadium by SpatzMe
Croke Park Stadium, a photo by SpatzMe on Flickr.

On the last day, we decided to go and visit Croke Park, see the GAA museum and have the tour. We’ve never really heard of Hurling or Gaelic Football before, but on the day we arrived, we got into the crowd returning from a hurling match. 82000 people, from grandmother to tiny baby, in sports jerseys or shawls, and fans of both teams marching united. Peacefully. Laughing. I was fascinated.

So, we decided to take the tour and it was one of the highlights of our visit. You start with a 20min movie – I hear you groaning, but it was fun and moving and too short (never said that of a movie on a tour or museum before). The tour guide – John – was so enthusiastic, friendly and explained everything so well, the hour was over before we knew it. We even had lunch at the stadium, and spent yet another hour visiting the museum and even trying our hand with the hurley.



Author: Spatz

Alles wird gut.

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