Back to school

Back to school by SpatzMe
Back to school, a photo by SpatzMe on Flickr.

School is starting soon and back to school things are displayed everywhere – aren’t those VW bug bags cute?
If they weren’t so ridiculously priced, I might want one too!

By the way, the WordPress reader is not working, and I’m not able to read most of the wonderful blog posts of the blogs I follow – only a few are displayed and then it claims there’s no more. Is anyone else having those problems too – or better, does anyone know how to work around the problem?


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Alles wird gut.

4 thoughts on “Back to school”

  1. Cute backpacks!
    As for the reader, I just checked mine and it’s working as it is supposed to. Hopefully it’s just a temporary glitch for you.


    1. It seems to work today – no entries back from yesterday, but at least today is here!
      Lets hope it was just a glitch – thank you so much for checking!
      Have a great day!


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