Good People

I found this video immensely moving. Those simple acts of kindness leave me teary eyed.

To help thwart rampant insurance fraud in Russia many cars are now equipped with dash cams to capture what unfolds in front of vehicles in an attempt to aid innocent persons, law enforcement, and insurance firms. This has lead to almost unlimited hours of footage found online of unbelievable accidents, close calls, and some of the worst of human behavior. Luckily somebody took it upon themselves to edit together some of the most amazingly thoughtful actions and tender moments caught with these same dash cams and edited into this short clip. And can I just say what on Earth is up with that kid running around on the highway!?

~ via Colossal


Author: Spatz

Alles wird gut.

6 thoughts on “Good People”

    1. It’s really a great video – and such a wondrous display of kindness. I hope it travels around the world and inspires many more!
      And I hope it were no sad tears!


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