Urban knitting Reykjavik

Urban knitting in Reykjavik by SpatzMe
Urban knitting in Reykjavik, a photo by SpatzMe on Flickr.

I saw urban knitting for the first time in Reykjavik!
Didn’t know such a fun thing existed. Now I’m on the lookout wherever I go!


Author: Spatz

Alles wird gut.

8 thoughts on “Urban knitting Reykjavik”

          1. I might even have a go too… not very good at knitting so it will have to be simple, scarfs round lamp posts, that sort of thing!


              1. I tried to post a reply to one of your blogs but couldn’t find the ‘post’ button… I know I am very silly, but could you tell me where it is?! You have a great blog!


                1. Sorry, it seems I limited nested replies to 4 levels. I set them to 10 levels now, my theme won’t go further.
                  Could you try if it works now? If not and the reply button disappears, you could try a post a bit way up!
                  And thank you for your kind words about my blog! You’re very welcome!


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