The old tractor

The old tractor by SpatzMe
The old tractor, a photo by SpatzMe on Flickr.

A detail from visiting the old stables yesterday. Would you believe it still works?


Easter Rain

It’s Easter Sunday and raining.

Somehow I miss the smell of smoke from the Easter fire that usually lingers on Easter Sunday morning, but only the toughest of fires burned in the downpour yesterday.

The blessing of the Easter Baskets was a cold and hurried affair yesterday.

And the poor children bringing the blessed flame to the homes were wet and freezing.

At least there’s no snow!

But we’re home safe and warm, it’s not snowing at least, and we’ll be having a nice Easter brunch soon.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Walking through Fredrikstadt, Norway 2008

Waking through beautiful Fredrikstadt and it’s wonderful buildings.
So much thought and care went into the city!

This window caught my eye, it looks so beautiful with it’s bottle display.

Good Friday

It’s Good Friday and I got the day off.

So I’ve got some time to sit and write in my blog. But what?

I’ve wanted a blog for quite some time, but no real theme for it became clear in my mind.

I’ll start by sharing some pictures and maybe share things as well?

Looking forward to this journey, wherever it may take me!