Almost caught up

Looking back on the months since February – not too much happened after March and the lockdown. The going out photos happened in February – and there have been quite a lot of photos of flowers and greenery since then.

2020 so far

Now the good question is what the next months will bring. 2020 so far has been full of surprises. A few months with no news would be quite the thing!

Looking back again

It’s been almost one year since I last shared glimpses. While the world around feels like it changes every day – and the world as we knew it has disappeared for good – life still goes on all around.

So, to stay connected, I though I’d start with a collage of the last year!

From Prague to the Danube loop, from skiing to the Cirque du Soleil, and of course Alpacas and Llamas – on into early 2020.

Prague was wonderful, and we hope to return one day. Of course, now all of our travel plans are paused, but one day…..

Sharing the news: A Change of Mission

A good friend is on a mission. Chris is a teacher – teaching English as a second language – and spent the summer of 2016 in El Salvador. He met Joaquin there – and he is now working to support San Tecla during these hard times. I’m happy to share his post here.

That’s me in the image above.  It was taken in 2016 when I spent the summer teaching English as a volunteer at a public school for girls in El …

Update: A Change of Mission

Looking back on July

July brought record summer heat and thunder storms, sunshine and rain, a weekend getaway to a wonderful street art event, flowers and, as was to be expected, lots of work tobe done in between all that. But the vacation season is ahead!

Looking back on June

June passed by in what seemed a minute – with record setting temperatures and sunshine, events and iced coffee, greenery and all that life brings.

My favorite were the tiny clay figurines in the upper left. We found them at a gardening show and just had to get them. And then there were a few days off!